Learn Latex in 5 minutes

hello everyone this is the first series in the tutorial series on how to use latex so today we’re going to see some basic commands that you can use to produce a latex document so the first thing that you need to say is document class then within the brackets you need to put any options for instance if you want to change your font to 12-point you can specify that here and then in the curly braces you put the type of the document so this in my case I’m using an article which is the basic it is included with your package there are other classes that you can use for instance if you are writing a paper for I Triple E or ACM you could put I Triplett ran so we’ll talk about those details later so let’s go to the basics today so the first thing after this document class that you have to do is a begin statement for your document and since there is a begin there will be an end document everything goes between these two begin and end document so the first thing obviously for an article is a title so I’ll create a title and I will call it sample lay tech article by 5 minutes of latex and in order to make it a title you just need to say slash make title I’ll save it in and I’ll run it and this is the output I’ll bring it in the frame here so you see nothing much so this date is from the article class so it definitely puts a date you can change it but we’ll see how to change those stuff later so for instance if you want a different article all you have to do is that go back there and just change the title so now you know how to do a title now the next thing is a section if you want to create a section for instance you will start with an introduction a section doesn’t need an end section because it’s not a begin section so it’s a section introduction and here I’ll just write something this is a sample introduction section this is a second line in the introduction and this is a third one that’s it that’s your section I will create another section I’ll call it motivation the motivation behind this tutorial is to share the knowledge for the benefit of everyone who wants to start using later ok I’m gonna save it and I’m gonna run it let’s see so here it is let me again bring it to the frame here a sample attack this is a title this is our section it is automatically numbered this is section two but you see there are no different lines it is just one paragraph although I put different lines here so for that if you want to add a new line you just add slash slash it’s a backslash and that will produce different lines good enough right yep ok so that’s a basic article if you want to change the font size let me make it 8 so that the difference is visible so you see it’s an 8 point font then you can change the page size also for instance here I can say a for paper or letter paper for that matter if you want to have a ladder paper so let me go ledger paper so the change the size and the dimensions of the the page can be changed from here if you want to do a bigger change you can also use a package called geometry for this so all use package statements if you want to use an external package and just mean you’ll you use a lot of external packages for your final version which is this is basics we don’t need many but I’ll introduce one package called geometry so if you want to control the margins you can specify that here for instance I can say 12mm so one inch is like 25.4 mm or something so based on that you cannot do it I say taupe equals to 0.5 inches so you can as well specified inches or millimeters the way you prefer it button equals to 5 inches and the package name is geometry let’s see if I made a mistake no I did it you see so the of the dimensions of the page and the margins have changed if I want to comment it I just put a % here and this is the original document good enough okay so we’ll start here and post your questions in the comments if you happen and I’ll try to answer them

How to Write a Formal Lab Report

here’s a description of how to write a formal lab report this section the notes for this section have way more detail than the other notes in the previous section so make sure to check those out I’m gonna highlight some points that are contained in the lecture notes and try to explain them a little bit more for you now the first is background information whenever you’re conducting an experiment you want to do a little bit of research into what’s already been discovered about that particular experiment and you want to be able to explain that to anybody that’s going to read your report so when you’re doing background information you’re going to want to include citations as to where you’ve got that information and you’re going to end with your research question so in the experiment that we’ve been talking about this whole unit redbull and its effect on performance and a workout you might look into some research that’s already been conducted by the redbull company or by Health Organization’s into this and you may provide that information here with citations but you’re going to want to end with your research questions so that section should end with the research question to what extent does providing and participants with different amounts of read will impact their overall performance and a workout you’re also going to want to talk about the types of data you’re planning to collect you need to collect both quantitative numerical data and qualitative or observational data so quantitative data you’re going to maybe look at how far they run in a given amount of time and qualitative data you may look at how exhausted they seem or how energetic they seem this is numbers this is observations both need to be included in your experiment and you’re going to talk about these ahead of time say I plan to collect quantitative data in this manner I plan to collect qualitative data in this manner you’re going to need to make a prediction remember that the whole purpose of an experiment is to test an idea and so you’re going to have an idea of what what outcome you’re going to expect so you need to write a prediction based on what you think will happen you’re then going to sketch that out so you’re gonna a sketch graph just means it’s not actual data it’s simply what you believe will happen so we can talk more about how to do a sketch graph but just picture in your head you know a graph where you’re saying I think that as you increase Red Bull you’re going to increase performance that would be a test of the alternative hypothesis which is labeled h1 and you’re also going to put that there’s no relationship between Red Bull and performance and that would be h0 the null hypothesis we can talk more about that in class uniqueness of design you’re going to want to be sure that you express how this is not just a repeat of someone else’s experiment we’re going to talk about why this is significant why should we care about this particular experiment list your materials give us step by step procedure address any safety or ethical considerations that you might have in the experiment provide a photo that you annotate so you’re going to take a photograph of what the experimental setup looks like so if you’re doing the Red Bull thing you may take a photograph of the different amounts of Red Bull with a treadmill in the background and you’re going to label that that photograph you’re going to need to include a blank data table to show that you thought about how you’re going to record the data that you collect during the experiment you’re going to mention these two things briefly but they really come into play later you’re going to talk about why I’m sorry but not why but what type of statistics you’re going to use to analyze your data and you’re not actually carrying out statistical analysis at this point you’re just saying this data will be best analyzed with a t-test or with chi-squared analysis and you’re going to explain why that would be graphs you’re going to talk about what type of graph you’re going to use in your expression of your data so you’re going to say this type the data that will be collected in this experiment will be best expressed with a line graph or with a bar graph etc all right I know that’s a lot to throw at you in this last video the notes are really long so this is definitely something that we can set up a meeting in class to talk about in small groups

How to Start your Master Thesis! Easy Five Steps!

how to start you might stand be ok so first of all you need to start creating an agenda okay so how do you create this agenda so you first have to set for each day how much time we are going to study for example in this picture you can see that I say ok so I start from 9 o’clock in the morning until 1:00 then I have lunch one hour and then come back so then at the end of the day I studied 9 hours and then what is also really important is that you set a name of words to write for example here also in the picture you can see that the aim is for one day is 200 words so then you said the for the following day you said also 200 words but because of this accumulative thing so you just have the name 400 words and so on and so on but if your message dissertation length is given in pages then you say the name of pages to write for example here in the picture I say ok so for today as I said a name of half a page written and then you do this so on and so on what is important is to not break your routine it is important as you studied the same hours at the same time so that your brain will take it as a routine for example when I did my dissertation it was really difficult to study for me it was like too long so many hours just writing so then I establish my routine and I say ok so I’m going to study from 9 till 1 and then I will go for lunch and then I will do it I will study from 2 to 6 or 7:00 p.m. and then what happened at the end for me is that it was easier for me to study the whole day because what your brain does is actually automatically writing or or like your brain does it automatically without thinking so you’re not saying oh my god you know in the morning you’re under saying oh my god I have to write so much I really understand your pain it was really difficult for me also to write for the whole day the same thing the second step is for example is to see examples of previous masters dissertations you can find them at your university library or on the internet where is a good tip is for example if you google the master thesis with similar topics to your thesis or even better is to Google for PhD thesis for example then here in the picture you can see that if we type entrepreneurship PhD thesis and then we would PDF that you can see it in PDF so then you can have examples of thesis it’s really good to Google for PhD thesis even though you have a mastery citation but yeah because then for example and they page they are really well-written so you have like a really good example and then you can get this extra mark or this extra note on your face if you doing more or less like the PC for sure you – hi – that long okay so the third is to read carefully your dissertation handbook for example they’re all universities they hand you this dissertation handbook and it’s good for example if you have some doubts or if you’re a stack you just go back to the dissertation handbook start writing a draft of your list of contents that’s really good because then you will have just the whole overview or what you have to write and then you can also manage your time depending on how much you have to write then start writing your literature review and keep on with the next chapters the last tip I give you at the beginning and and during their thesis keep in touch with your supervisor they will give you really good feedback and they have lots of experience so the sooner you get the feedback from your supervisor the better because they will say to you if you are in a right path if you are not on the right path or if you are really wrong um okay um thanks for watching and I wish you all the best new master dissertation if you have further questions because I know master this is quite long and you have to do it more or less on your own so if you have further questions on your dissertation just comment on the video and I will do a video like i answering your questions and explaining you all about the dissertation

How to write a case study

case studies make great marketing material you take advantage of them hi tompa sorry no every business and I’m sure yours included can count numerous times in which it really helped solve a particular problem offer a great solution for a business and in turn help that business along the way let’s talk about it or in this case write about it that’s what someone has a case study or sometimes referred to as a success story because that’s in fact what it is but the length of a blog post gives you an opportunity to really zero in on a particular incident how you helped a client how that client benefited and make your company race your product and service shine but you want to put together properly and I’m gonna offer you these steps in this video so it’s off with the headline in this case because it’s it’s a case study you want to write it almost like a news piece not real artsy creative like it with marketing straight forward company X you realize this particular gain could be percentages you know improvement dollars saved whatever it is be rope Christa clarinet quantify it by using your product or service sort off a little background on your customer who it is where they are hauling they’ve been in business what do they do then you get into the challenge what is it in particular that the client faced inefficiencies cost overruns machine problems instead of just talking about them if you want to create a good story something that others reading this material can relate to that’s all key you want to be able to make use of this material take your reader on what’s called the journey what did your customer do as he started to go through this thought process kind of research you can have kind of the pros and cons of the various solutions out there and of course he settled upon you and your particular product what is it that you offered for a solution product X processing why feel free to name it but also touch on the implementation what was the actual rollout stage and process now here in many cases people you’re thinking is well you know I want to make it sound like it was really snappy but it’s not really realistic is it things take time there’s a learning curve or maybe it takes a while to implement a process that’s okay but then what were the results what did your customer realize and gain along the way of course you want to talk with your person on the scene as well as the customer it’s a good quotes that you can weave in and use in that particular piece think of it almost like a testimonial just a little bit longer part of this process is of course you want to identify a really good candidate for the case study not only the the type of issue that was faced but the solutions and the benefits gained but also the customer was a really a cheerleader someone who pops out those really good quotes about why you went with you and how happy is to have used your particular product or service then you want to package it all up in produce it now of course it go on on your website or maybe in a PDF form you know hard copy but if maybe invest a little bit in quality production graphic design it’s not just words on a paper like am well paid a term paper in college put it together in a real beautiful piece it’s going to be printed be like a slip sheet something that you’re proud of not just a story but the delivery of it the customer may wonder well you know do I want to participate I want to admit that I had problems or a problem what every business owner and business person does from time to time this person is just relaying a true incident that sure dozens have met hundreds of other business people can relate to and your product or service will help solve it that’s really in a nutshell so I hope this helps of course if you need help writing your case study you feel free to contact me but either way do start making use of this marketing – if you’re not already they’re very powerful spend some time thinking of it’s a really good anecdotes or incidents that that project you and your product or service in a good light put it together well and then start taking advantage of them hope this video helps feel free to leave a comment love to hear what you have to say as always tompa’s are from Wisconsin saying good luck in your business

Problem & solution essay – structure and example – How to write

okay I’m gonna tell you about writing an essay how you plan organize and write your essays at university I’m going to focus on the problem solution essay but what I tell you can really be used for any type of writing you do at university so the problem solution essay this is when you have to discuss a problem generally it’s the causes and effects of a problem and then the solutions or sometimes just the effects of the problems and then consider solutions as an example let’s look at the question so this question is asking you to look at the negative effects of an anti-smoking legislation in Hong Kong and then identify solutions to these problems so first planning we can see the writer brainstormed ideas for the essay they have decided on three problems and three corresponding solutions and they have found good supporting evidence for each point they plan to make you can see the references in red now it’s time for them to start writing so let’s look at the introduction the writer wrote okay so this introduction is divided into three parts the what the why and the how the what is what the question is about lead into the question interpret it have some background information the why is why the question is important put the question into context and identify the main issues that are raised by the question the how is how you are going to answer it let the reader know what you’re going to cover in your essay in order to answer the question in the introduction you can see the writer has included supporting evidence in the what part in the why part you can see here that the writer has introduced some of the problems they will discuss in the essay and the how part is quite short in this essay it’s only an eight hundred word essay if you have a longer essay you have a longer how part okay so remember these basic questions what why and how they are very useful in helping you to focus your answer right a good introduction and a clear well-organized essay next we’re going to look at a couple of body paragraphs and see how they are structured these two paragraphs focus on two problems first the littering problem and second the danger to children first remember that a paragraph should deal in one idea only so remember the rough plan our writer had at the beginning there were six points that means six body paragraphs one idea for each paragraph and remember each paragraph should be divided into three parts first the topic sentence then supporting evidence and finally a concluding sentence where is the topic sentence in this paragraph well usually in a paragraph it’s the first sentence but in this one it’s the second sentence the first sentence acts as a link between the introduction and the first paragraph so what’s the purpose of the topic sentence it should tell the reader what the paragraph is about so this topic sentence tells us that there has been an increase of litter because more people now have to smoke on the street okay next the supporting evidence this sentence uses a source ciao and Novotny which shows why the litter is a problem and remember this makes your writing stronger and it’s no longer just your opinion finally we have the concluding sentence this links back to the topic sentence as well as the context of the question Hong Kong okay so that’s your basic structure let’s quickly look at the next paragraph as that starts with a technique which you will find useful in your writing you see the first sentence in this paragraph links back to the content of the previous paragraph a paragraph hook and then introduces this paragraph it’s the topic sentence here with this paragraph being about the dangers to young children using this type of technique will help you write better essays okay the second paragraph continues with supporting evidence and then a concluding sentence this is the basic structure for paragraph writing following it will help you have a well-organized essay okay I’d like to finish by looking briefly at the conclusion this is divided into two parts the first part is a brief summary of the main points made in the essay in a short essay this could be written in one or two sentences in the final paragraph of the essay the writer gives his opinion note that there should be no new information in the conclusion so there are no references remember you should not only start your essay strongly you should also finish it strongly try to be as original and striking as possible leaving a strong impression to the reader okay that’s it from me remember that there’s a lot more on elearn and SIL about problem-solution essays discursive essays and other types of writing that you need to do at university

Ph.D Ultimate Guide: Entrance Exam, Writing Research Proposal & Interview (Guide for Beginners)

[Music] this video I’m going to talk about how to apply for PhD and how to write a research proposal for the same I don’t know that all the students who are applying for net exam some will they might want to do PhD in some point in their life but since this PHP thing is a very new space for them they’re really worried they don’t know how to fill her fee into the application form how to go about within it what are they going to say on the day of the interview they are not sure about how to write a research proposal how to pick up a topic for PhD research and a lot of questions which keep on bombarding their brain so I thought of making a video in which in a step-by-step manner I can tell you each and every thing that we want to know how about PhD so for your convenience and provided this video in two sections in the first part I am going to talk about how to apply for PhD in any university or college so I’m going to tell you all the steps that you need to take and the entire procedure of PhD in the second part of the video I’m going to talk about research proposal in detail so I’m going to give you all the guidelines for writing a good research proposal how to choose your topic and then how to organize your research proposal and can typically and how to write it in a particular format so what’s this video too bad because if you look forward to do PSB in future I’m sure this video is going to help you out so you really aspiring to become a research scholar there are a few things that we need to know and there are a few steps that you need to take before you get yourself enrolled as a research scholar in the university now this process might seem tiresome but I’m telling you that it is way more simpler you have you must start imagine so broken down in five steps so that you can know where to start and where to end the first step is that making a list of all the universities where you wish to apply for PhD so whatever your subject may be you need to have a word with your professors or maybe with your friends and then finalize the list of colleges or universities where you wish to apply for PhD step number two is visit the website all these universities that you have listed down and then one by one jot down the dates where their PhD forms would be releasing for example if you are looking forward to do PhD in English and you might want to do it from Delhi University or maybe from John they are all from genu then just go to these websites and there’s a section or a specific section for PhD scorners where you can see all the recent notification and you can see when are they going to release the form for the PhD admissions so just draw down the names of those colleges as well as the date when their forms will be released and before that they keep on checking their website on a regular basis so that we know if that’s any update there’s no other way you can know about the PhD entrance forms unless and until you go to their website and check it yourself now the third important step that you take is to fill the application form once the application forms are released on the website of the college or university where you wish to apply for PhD you need to fill the application form at the earliest don’t wait for the last date it’s better to fill it in the initial days so that’ll ruin face and we saw every issue or any other issue now once you fill in your application form you need to take care of a few things now move on to keep all your documents stand okay in your computer folder before your said to fill the application form because you know one goes to all the universities and fallenness they are going to ask for the stand copy of your event stand copy of your signature all the sand definite graduation and post-graduation mug sheets so you need to have that in place apart from that also understand that there are few universities in India where do we do submit a research proposal while you’re filling in the PhD application form okay because you might have this motion in your mind that okay we need to submit a research proposal on the day of the interview know there are a few universities right that universities where you need to submit your research proposal on the day when you’re submitting your PhD application form so always have that ready with you how would you relate it what are the guidelines what are the things you need to have in mind when writing a research proposal are going to discuss all of that in the next section so just patiently wait for that section to come the fourth step is the written test or the entrance test now once you fill the application form keep visiting the website of that University on a North so I can get to know when are they conducting the entrance test there are a few universities where you need to sit for the entrance test and thank for the interview whereas if you have your next certificate in a few universities you will be exempted from the written test because you have already cleared hoobnet exam and you’ve been clinically sit for the interview so be sure what is the process of the university in which you are applying if you need to sit for the infants you have to prepare well for the entrance most of the time the syllabus that you’ve studied for net exam would be very similar to the syllabus for the PhD entrance as well or in case if you already have PhD or you have the next of the ticket and your University exempts you from the entrance test you just need to wait for the notification of interview to be released on their website and finally we come to the fifth set that is interview so the day of the interview you just need to have all the original documents lined up in your folder in a file which you are going to carry because you submit a copy of that before you go and sit for the interview apart from that there are a few things you need to remember for the interview number one you need to have a thorough command or your subject so get all your basics right you need to know about your masters about all the things you’ve studied in your masters with this most of the questions are going to come from that apart from that I’m also going to ask you a lot of questions about your research proposal so make sure you have not copy and pasted your research proposal from some internet websites because they are going to catch him you need to understand the fact that research proposal is your baby so it should be your ideas it should contain your vision your objectives you will take references from various sites from various friends but at the end you make sure that you have written it so once you give your interview after a few days you find that they’re going to announce a list to tackle it it’s who they have selected for PhD and the list is going to was probably be released on their website you can check the list if you are lucky to have your name in that list then you should celebrate because that is when you get to know that you have finally managed to get yourself admitted as research scholar in that University and after that or there are a lot of other things that you need to do you need to go through a period of coursework then there would be a presentation when you’re going to talk about your research proposal finally your topic would be finalized then you have a face-to-face interaction with your guide you will start writing about the research that you’re doing you’re going to chapter are you said if you’re going to talk either I use it and all these things are going to smoothly happen because once you get yourself enrolled in any good University it’s the duty of that University and the guide to take you through this process because they also know that it’s it you you’ve just managed to clear all post-graduation course okay and now this research field is given to you so they are for you to tell you each and everything about it the only thing you need to focus right now is this fantastic journey that you have to take all by yourself there is nobody to guide you at the school once you pass the interview you get selected after that you will have the entire University team that is going to help you in the next couple of years now that we have known how to apply in a university for PhD it’s important for you to understand how to write a research proposal I’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls on a daily basis there’s two bills ask me please suggest a topic for research proposal please tell me how to write a research proposal so I thought that it’s high time I should make a video so that everybody can know how this entire thing takes place so off we you to understand how to write a research proposal at pointa okay with the score at Collinwood now all the parts of the sampoorna world is going to tell you one of the things you need to incorporate in a research proposal because it’s a very systematic thing it’s pornos a format and once you write everything in the format of meat then the university is going to accept your research proposal so let’s start with the T so T stands for Titan the first important thing in your research proposal is the title of your research so what are you going to research it should be concise and it should be meaningful you should not write an entire paragraph as a title or else you should not leave it very open-ended okay so it should be very concise as well as it should be meaningful it should tell what exactly are you researching on the next introduction which stands with I okay so introduction is going to include all the basic facts about your research and your research area which is the area where you are researching you are also going to add about the area and the importance of that in here why you have chosen that area for research how is it going to benefit the humankind plus you are also going to add a few things about the motivation so what motivated you to take that idiom okay for example I am do you or PhD research right now and the topic of my research is myth as a political philosophy in the works of the epic novel so my area is in in my quality and there’s a huge motivation behind it because I’ve been brought up in a very religious family and I’ve been reading a lot about them in my ecology and muharram so that is what excites me and I’m really passionate about knowing more and more about it so that is where the motivation part comes from and that is what I have to include an introduction the third thing is with B we have problem statements now what is the problem statement a problem statement is going to tell about the issues that you will to address in your research what is the problem that you are looking at and you are going to talk about it in a very clear and concise manner the next is your objectives now what is objective objective is the motive while you are doing the research what are the benefits that we’re going to deny it after this research so basically the University which is going to take you as a research scholar they are going to ask you that why should they allow you to do this research like what is the objective what are you going to do for the benefit of the mankind so basically you need to write five to six objective and that is the cue so whenever we do anything we ask ourself any Q continue okay so that Q is the objective so it is the motive and the benefit that is going to come out of this research so after objective the next important thing you need to mention in your research proposal the literature review so you need to tell the college or the university professors about what already has been done in your field of research for example if my topic is indeed my apology I need to talk about all the research which has already be done I wanna make my college if how my research is different from them there’s no point doing the same thing all over again it’s submarines actually done the same thing then I cannot research on the same topic because then what am I going to do everything about that topic has already been found by that person so in literature review you are going to talk about all the research work that has already been done in your field and how your research is going to be different from that and how you were not able to find certain answers in their research and that is why you’re going to answer those things in your research so that is about the literature tweaking we move on to the next topic which is research methodologies now what is research methodology research methodology basically talks about this tools and the methods that you are used that you’re going to use in the course of your research if order to solve the problem that you have in your hand so for example if I’m talking about it as a vehicle of philosophy in the works of data but now I’m going to use mid criticism I’m going to use psychoanalytical criticism in order to study the works of they defer time similarly you can use case study so way in order to gather information about what’s the problem and finally move the words the solution so that is for you to be there written in the research methodology last but not the least we move on to the section which is called references we all know that there’s a limit human brain we cannot know everything when I hope you’re researching on anything how going to take help from various sources and it is our duty to tell everybody about the sources from which we have taken health so all the sources are mentioned in the references section and there’s a particular study in which you mention all these writers I still remember that giving my graduation I was going to research in the field of psychology and there was this particular format we used to always use while we were giving a references to the books and to the writers and that was known as the American Psychological Association so APA style we were using superiority in different fields you have different styles of referencing so you need to either buy that style and accordingly you need to cite all the people from which you have taken inspiration from which you have taken some facts and you have shared it in your research proposal so I am believing that the video turns out to be a bit boring because it had so much information that I want you to give you but I’m sure that this information is going to help you if you are able to do PhD in any codes university or college I’m wishing you all the best for your future in the world stay tuned to our to the carotid confident don’t forget to subscribe to this channel we have very close to get 1 lakh subscribers and that would be a big thing for us so do support us and you can also follow us on the social media platform if you are propelling the UGC net English then you can go to my website article calm and check out the online course we are offering you so that’s it for this video lecture we are going to beach very soon in the next video lecture there is a curve in each next happy learning keep lab unit rate off and stay tuned I pick a car but calm [Music]

My Step by Step Guide to Writing a Research Paper

hi everyone this is Laura hammock from the marble jar Channel and in today’s video I’ll go through the step-by-step process that I use when I’m writing a research paper every person is different but I think that there are some basic steps to writing a good research paper and it doesn’t involve just typing out as many words on a topic that you could possibly think of now what I’m going to give you our fairly generic steps but I think that they would apply to the majority of research papers give or take a couple steps if your paper is eight pages or longer I would strongly urge you to plan out the steps for your paper at least four weeks in advance so you can watch my video on planning out big projects or research papers on that I’ll give you an idea of how long I think most of these steps would take for a 15 page paper and you can adjust accordingly based on your assignment and your general research and writing speed here we go number one understand the instructions so read through the instructions for the assignment and make notes it’s obviously really important to understand exactly what the assignment is asking for and as early as possible you don’t want to find out that you don’t understand something when you are down to the wire plus if you have questions I guarantee you’re not the only one oh and if you want to get a good grade you need to follow the assignment instructions even if you think it’s a dumb assignment I have learned that the hard way so take the 30 minutes that it takes to understand the assignment completely number two choose a topic so after you figured out what the assignment is asking for you’ll need to pick a topic you can pick one out of the air but I would suggest choosing a couple of topics that seem interesting to you and then doing some superficial research just to make sure that there is enough interesting information out there to do a paper on if you don’t do this you may have to change your topic later in the process after you’ve wasted considerable mental and mental energy so this step can take one to two hours depending on how much research you do on your possible topics number three build a basic outline so now that you have a topic you are going to build a basic outline for your paper based on the instructions given so I’m going to do a video on some of the outline tools that I use but there is really no need to be fancy just make a list of the sections and some bullets underneath to give them more detail so at this point you haven’t researched fully yet so the outline is not going to be very detailed until you do for example I did a paper recently that asked me to explore a concept and gave several areas that needed to be addressed in the paper a definition two related theoretical perspectives how the concept has changed over time current practice or policy issues and how these issues might differ for two countries so based on these instructions I put together the following initial outline if your teacher or your professor provides exemplars or examples of exemplary papers from previous classes I always use these to help me build a good outline so I try to ignore the content since I don’t want to be overly influenced by somebody else’s work but I will not hesitate to completely rip off a good structural design for a paper as long as it flows with the way that I thinks this should take you no more than an hour number four make a list of relevant research studies so now you’re going to use all of your resources online and otherwise to make a list of studies and articles to read for your paper you can use Google Scholar or if your learning institution has a library portal you will have even better access to research journals and other scholarly resources so I have a video that covers how I keep and reference this information but for this step you are just gathering a giant list of things to read that might be relevant to your research compiling this list can take two to four hours number five read research and make notes so this is the step where you actually read through the studies and the articles and the papers on your list plan for this to take a little while you need to read and take notes as you read so I keep all of my quotes from the literature and a giant spreadsheet again you can see my video on this I highlight and copy into my spreadsheet any quotes that I might need to reference important pieces of data good arguments examples and findings from studies I cut and I pasted all of those quotes into a spreadsheet that is referenced back to the original article as a roll I don’t usually need to read the entire journal article if I’m mostly interested in the results of the study I simply quote the findings which can usually be found in the abstract if I’m citing liberally from a book I try to get that book in Kindle format so that I can export those highlights into my spreadsheet you can see my video on that as well also many articles are in PDF format and I have a video on exporting all the highlights PDF so you don’t have to do it laborious Li one passage at a time this step can take a really long time I had almost 50 references for my last 17 page paper and reading them took 8 plus hours or so number 6 categorize highlights by outline section or topic so once I have a giant list of highlights I read back through them all and as I do I try to categorize each quote roughly mapping back to my outline so in the case of my paper does this quote have to do with the differences between two countries or does it have to do more with current US policy sometimes it doesn’t match well in which case I put it into a miscellaneous category inevitably I need more granular categories so I can also create a subcategory column for example this quote has to do with a section of the paper on theoretical perspectives but it has specifically to do with cognitive theory so I can mark that differently than this quote about life course perspective number 7 make decisions by mind map so as you’re reading through the research that you have gathered you might have to make some decisions about what are the strongest points to make in your paper so how do you come to these decisions sometimes I use a mind map to gather my thoughts a mind map is a visual tool to help you see how ideas are related to each other so I make do a video just on my maps but for now let’s say you’re trying to determine the three strongest arguments that you want to present you write your main topic in the center and then you write down all of the ideas that have emerged from your research now you’re gonna move the idea those ideas into clumps that are related and you will start to see some patterns emerge showing which arguments have the most back up in literature it’s not required but if you are a tall visual mind maps will help you to see relationships and make decisions number eight fill an outline with your research so sort your reference spreadsheet based on paper section and now beef up your outline with the information from your research if you have three arguments to make add those statistics data findings and quotes that support those arguments this step is not required but it helps to make the writing process much faster number nine write your draft so now you’re gonna work off of your detailed outline or off of your basic outline and reference spreadsheet if you would skip the last step and start writing your draft I usually estimate about one hour per double-spaced page you can go twice as fast if you have a detailed outline at the drafting stage instead of filling in full APA formatted references and citations I use the reference numbers from my spreadsheet otherwise I break the flow of writing since for me writing and fixing style issues are two really different cognitive processes so my rule of thumb is to write in shifts no longer than six hours at a stretch after six hours I’m just not as good a writer but you may have really different parameters number ten edit paper fix APA and fill in your references so it’s best to put a little time between this step and the last one just to clear your brain so I aim for at least 24 hours but 48 is even better so this is when you reread you edit Grammer you look at sentence structure etc I like to print out and edit with a red pen this is also the time to fix your APA or writing style problems and format all of your citations I format all of my citations on my spreadsheet and then I sort them alphabetically before pasting them into my paper I find that this saves me the hassle of alphabetizing as I go so I just have to remember to italicize the relevant bits once I’ve pasted them back into the paper I give myself at least four hours for this step I’m still learning on APA format so I need the extra time number 11 find a second reader so my graduate program employs a writing advisor I use him all of the time I ask him a bunch of esoteric APA questions and I always have him read my papers so even if he doesn’t provide that much feedback I feel better having another set of eyeballs read through it and point out obvious issues if you don’t have access to a writing advisor get a friend or a colleague who’s pink whose opinion you respect to read through it and number 12 make final edits and submit implement whatever suggestions came from your second reader provided that you agree with them give it one last read through and submit and that’s it those are the steps that I follow for decent length research papers let me know what you think comments are always appreciated thanks for watching

Writing a 5 Page Research Essay in 1 Night! (+ A Secret Grammar Trick)

hey everyone welcome back to my channel and today is March 9th it’s a Thursday and this vlog is going to be specifically my journey of writing a five page paper that’s due tomorrow I usually try not to procrastinate and this is a really situation of procrastination but I was just serviced this week I had a draft for different paper due today in like an hour by hour to finish that I cost all this morning it’s 12 o’clock reading outside of class sophomore yesterday I had a final presentation so the couple days before that I was working on my final presentation and then I had homework for another class so it’s just a lot of like hectic stuff that happens and we only got be like official prompt of this paper last week I’ve only had a week to do it it’s not like something super crazy but I know I can like turn out in one day so I’m it’s like show you the journey beyond just sometimes it does happen it’s not that you want to procrastinate but sometimes you just are really busy in college because you have other assignments that are like lined up like obviously I had a paper like of drafty today so I had to work on that paper instead of working on the paper that’s due tomorrow so it just happens but I’m going to show you my journey and it starts with guys cons class and now I’m having lunch at my three house I’ve been like a little nook area and today is burrito bar day so I mean my room I don’t eat upstairs because I just wanted to like relax a little and be antisocial so I’m gonna watch the season finale of America’s Next Top Model about loaded and then look at this you guys I have a nice bowl with chips and then we have some chicken to fish some lettuce lots of block corns pico cheese some eat this and enjoy and then we’ll get to the paper writing everyone okay like funky really wanted six on the shades so weird that was over now we’re going to be using collaborative research for our paper no go realistic more importantly our professor and our GA wants like hard copy like books like physical books from the library of some sources so we have a couple of those probably get like two this will be good on this but here we are at the music library me show you I showed you this in a previous vlog as well we had our lock pixels cosplay advertiser here and then I have two of my lectures on this one or this lecture hall head over here showing her a call and I will not spell it Schomberg a library entrance is play so getting down and dirty old fashioned getting information from books pieces library oh yeah all right we’re on it so you saw the last clip of me study and not studying the library doing research so I got one full page of research like singles we felt really good so now I’m going to my class for an hour discussion and then I’m done class for that meant get ready I’m definitely in need of an athlete on the fatigue right now it’ll very very long a long holidays like I said a super-busy right off condition all right so I finished with class and then I went to my 3 oz for like an hour I’m tracks when I grab some stuff the pink meeting up this 19 campus team going to lean them in a good meeting and recapping our event on Tuesday which is great but look at how gorgeous your fun side is looking right now yes PCL is playing right penny time uni and I vlog that I’m there right everyone so I’m sorry I forgot to vlog at my pink meeting but I’m home now at DG and I’m doing some research or update more research before Yom Kippur we have to look for YouTube interview so I’m watching some of these and I’m going to write some song now is this up or analyzing some songs and I’m like every out-of-focus amazing but yeah got a little reach there but I can’t we’re completely out of focus there you go Oh district lie a lot I wish stretch doesn’t just like its trunk announcement amazing they have some nice finishes research in my bed and I’m gonna go ahead and head upstairs and do some writing and stuff like that so alright so I contact that because they weren’t flying eyes but English I’m downstairs now and I’m still working on my paper and I finished one turn the brightness down sounds crazy okay but I finish all the research forms so I have the different articles and novels and CDs and stuff cited researched it up like the source and then like the notes I took from it that I want to use I’ve all that ready and now it’s time to actually write my paper but it’s 10:20 now and I’m going to take a little break and respond to some emails just to cut up the work a little niceness all the research you might bring a little break and answer some emails like a lot of emails sometimes from you guys which is cool but mostly business school related things like that so I have to answer them but I wanted to show you guys something super cool that I actually utilized now and it’s the system school I’m really Orange right now but the line is just really funky but it’s the system called grammarly and it’s super super cool and basically a like spellcheck and programmer program or extension that you can have on your browser okay so I say like I’m writing this email and I wrote the sentence and it’s just like my name is Anita I wanted to reach out to you all to tell you about a great so I applied this was great the extension the Chrome extension automatically like shows you you have two mistakes in this email and one of them being is great so after you hover over it then oh let’s solve it great and then it changes it and it even knows things like params say like grammarly and then I can capitalize it like that so it’s really easy like pixel things and then I like search your email and then once you have the all clear gee that means everything is good in regards to choose grammar and spelling so this is a completely free extension so all you have to do is go to gramley and you can download the extension or like add it to Chrome so here it is it just exists and right now so yeah so it’s gramley for Chrome it can check grammar and spelling for mail and other like applications and then what’s really cool is you can like make a new document and say like I’m writing this in word basically I’m going to copy and then paste this over to my grammar li page and then it will go ahead and check to see stand checking and then I will say there are seven advanced issues which are not included in like the free trial basically you have to pay more to get like the advanced grammar features on it but I mean this is like basically good for app so it’s great if you really care about making sure your grammar is correct and learning from it because it not only tells you what’s wrong is like the thing is with Microsoft Word it will say like we find something a hit like something’s a fragment but it will never fix it like it won’t tell you how to fix it while grammar actually does so it’s kind of cool but yes and if you have the premium version you can like install it automatically into like Microsoft Word or whatever you’re processing like word processing system is so grammerly is a part of it right now I have like the classic word spell check and grammar check which sometimes is inaccurate you see it so if I have a lot of like mistakes and stuff in here all right but with that I’m going to go ahead and answer a couple emails and do that a little bit and then we’ll get on to paper writing all right everyone so update it’s been about an hour later and I finished about half my paper so it’s been about three and a half or two and a half pages we’re almost over three pages and it’s a fourth page paper so we’re getting there it’s going good so keeping you all posted all right so time for another hourly update it’s currently at 12:30 another hour in and I’m just doing my conclusion paragraph so we’re almost done and then I’m going to go ahead and sleep on it and proofread it tomorrow and then maybe run it through grammerly just to see if it can catch anything that microsoft word did it in regards to grammar not necessarily spelling and then I’ll go ahead and submit it tomorrow two o’clock that looks going to finish this up and then I’ll wrap up the vlog all right so it’s 1248 and we are officially finished look at this beauty oh yeah so I’m just going to ahead and wake up early tomorrow he’ll proofread it make sure it’s all good once my mind is like clear and I have all this dizzy gillespie out of my head but yeah I hope y’all enjoyed this vlog way it was helpful enjoying some tips and tricks and just showing me that it is possible to get things done in a crunch when you need to know especially it was like platforms like grammarly I think it’s really cool and I doesn’t want to try the premium sometime because my grammar is pretty bad when it comes to essay writing and more like the person view all my thoughts out so Kelvin is a much better like paper writer so he’s still working on his butt alright thank you all so much for watching it’s fishing for trout walk and I’ll talk to you then bye [Music] and

How to Write an Effective Essay

oh hi James I was just reading an article I didn’t really like it the writing was okay but I don’t think it was effective what that means is to me they didn’t really get across the idea that they wanted to I kind of understood but it wasn’t great today what I want to show you is how they write effectively to make sure when you finish writing people understand what you’re saying okay by the way this kind of writing is great for university high school any kind of writing even sales in English alright well let’s go to the morning okay first things first if you want to write something about something specific one of the best ways of doing it is to want what’s that you say that’s a question mark that’s right you need to ask a question by asking a question what it does it gives you a clear picture in your head of what you want to know so what’s better blondes or brunettes sorry let me say this what’s better love or money you ask a question by asking a question there has to be an answer that answers actually our starting point okay so we start effective writing by asking a question that we want answered because what we’re thinking is the reader wants the answer to this question okay so you’re thinking what does my reader want why don’t I ask a question and then when I want to that question I can write about that for my reader it helps us get very specific in our focus it’s sort of like focusing on our target okay so let’s look at the answer so the first part we want to do is number one ask you a question let’s do this larger it might be right for you to see okay so let’s write that out again all right number one ask a question okay that’s the first thing we do we did that right there which is better love for money what’s the answer to this question well the answer the question we have a specific word in English okay so when we figure out the answer what we think the answer to the question is let me say that I have been a little slower when we figure out what we think the answer is we write that down but it’s not just an answer in English it becomes our thesis our thesis is the thing we’re going to focus on that’s why we ask the question so then we’re going to do step number two our thesis it’s the answer to the question now funny thing about thesis is it has to be strong you can’t say maybe maybe yes maybe no that’s not a thesis they call that weak a thesis has to be strong so the person is very clear and you’re very clear and this is what it helps for effective writing because you know exactly what you want to talk about but your reader also knows exactly what you want to talk about so let’s put that up here a thesis has to be strongly said or another word for that is stated okay take a look cool so we’ve got two things so far question and thisis not even say what I’m going to do with that well now we can actually start our essay this was just the first part it’s not like to the essays to get you ready to write so let’s write the essays shall we now like any good book or any good story you need an introduction I mean you can say your thesis but you know what it’s better I give you an action I’ll give you a little play if you watch this you’ll figure out why you need an introduction all right but the third step is introduction and then their introduction what we’re going to do is we’re going to add our thesis ok to some nice ways to introduce it so this is plus thesis ok now the people reading it should be able to identify your thesis now let me let me give you an example of why it’s important to have an introduction to not just use your thesis you’re ready I’m going to go to a bar and I’m going to meet a girl ok one second ok there am hi my name is James can I kiss you oh that’s a bad introduction that’s trying to use just your thesis to get people to read your paper it doesn’t work very well ok so why don’t we do the next one let’s try this introduction hi I’m James what’s your name that’s a very pretty name I’m from Canada and I teach English would you like to learn more about English and how I teach it oh come with me look at your drink see that worked that’s a good introduction ok so we need an introduction to go for the thesis we put our thesis inside of the introduction and we make it Pleasant for people to want to read more we make it interesting ok so this is the first three parts now we have to do another two parts okay now that would be number four the body the body is very important because I tell you my a thesis that doesn’t make it true it just means I believe it’s true it’s like me say to you I’m a billionaire first thing you’re gonna say is proven show me the money and guess where that movie’s room no is where that lion’s from is from a movie okay show me the money you’re going to want proof now this is one of the best ways to do proof when we look at our thesis now we’re talking a basic essay not a huge one what we do is to have three reasons that make that thesis true okay there we’ll call those three reasons the main reasons so when we do proof we’re actually to put it in a special place called the body of the essay now one of the things we wanted to body s today is a main reason now you’ve got your main reasons but that doesn’t mean it’s true what we need to do is find other things that supports the main reason okay we call these now if you remember rightly when I said in the body we should have three to support the thesis it’s also a good idea attend at least three supporting ideas to make the main reason true okay so that number three is very important here for us okay we want to have three main reasons and then three supporting ideas if you’re doing the math one two three two times three that’s about nine different sentences or ideas we want in the paper now finally we’ll come to our conclusion how do we get to the conclusion well let’s look at it we had a thesis an idea what we started with a question we said this is the true answer to the question right then after that we said okay that true answer will be our thesis we said our thesis we hit it into the introduction remember I got the girl yeah remember that okay now we had to prove it’s true because no one just believes things you say we came up with three main ideas we supported each main idea with three supporting ideas now we come to the conclusion the conclusion is where we turn around say with all of this proof or evidence that we have I can say this is true what we do is we go back to the three main ideas and we say because this idea this idea and this idea are true my conclusion must be true you become a lawyer or a liar but that’s another lesson all together but we want to prove it okay so we do our conclusion okay and our conclusion is based on the proof here all right now that’s it for our lesson I hope by the end the good thesis that this is an effective essay for you I hope I proved my case and in conclusion I think if you follow these steps you’ll become an effective writer in English listen before I go I got to do this really quickly and if you look at the blue screen it’ll give you the five points a game remember question thesis body with main idea supporting ideas and conclusion that was quick I know check out the screen alright that’ll come at the end but before you do that go to w-w-w a bit king is English then as a video don’t forget your dot wwm where you can find out other lessons and effective reading pronunciation listening whatever you need we’ve got it for you okay business in the forum free come on there take care bye you

You will find a number of advantages to look at when selecting to purchase casino equipment UK online.

The Way to Choose Casino Tools Hire

You will find a number of advantages to look at when selecting to purchase casino equipment UK online.

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The first thing that you ought to contemplate if you’re searching for a fun hire company may be that the kinds of gear available. In the majority of scenarios, they all will offer a selection of tables for lease or rent. However, some places can possess specific casino equipment purchase available. For instance, the Isle of Wight casino has a lot of tables for purchase which may be found at casinos throughout the spot. Most expert croupiers and eventplanners in britain are situated within hire casino equipment the United Kingdom. If you cannot find the specific casino tools hire you want to get, try looking on Google to get’casino tables for hire’ or’exclusive casino equipment lease’.

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